Hi, I’m Jessi Alge! Right-hand woman to my clients and a driven entrepreneur.

My mission is to support current (and future) virtual assistants along their journey by providing templates, tools, and the resources they need to grow the business of their dreams.

Back in January 2013, I was on maternity leave with my first baby and found myself desperate to find a way to stay home with my daughter. I couldn’t imagine leaving her and I hated my job working in the call center at a local car auction.

I spent my downtime scouring the web for “work-from-home” jobs. I was dreading my “return to work” date and the thought of leaving my baby at such a vulnerable time.

It was then that I discovered virtual assistance and it completely changed my life.

After scouring the web during late-night feedings and intermittent naptimes with my sleeping baby in my arms, I finally found a startup company that was specifically looking to hire “work-from-home Moms”. Four interviews later (and DAYS before my paid maternity leave ended), I was hired! My new employer trained and hired me to work as a full-time virtual assistant and also matched me with clients (some of whom I still work with today!).

I was able to work from home while using my several years of customer service skills AND provide for my family while staying home with my newborn. It was a dream come true.

In 2015, the company suffered some growing pains and laid us all off overnight.

Here’s the email that ultimately changed everything for me and my family and launched my business:


I did exactly what they said in the last sentence and explored working independently with my clients. While I devastatingly read this email (which was sent on the first day of my “PTO”, no less!), my clients were scrambling to contact me directly via email, Linkedin, and whichever means they could at the time. My clients depended on me just as much as I depended on them!

Thus, I became an “accidental entrepreneur” and my dream business was born.

Flash forward to 2023, I run a six-figure business by still providing online business support to small business teams.